Streaming Consciousness 2​.​0 (Disc 1 of 2)

by Cortext

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released December 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Cortext Perth, Australia

Cortext has been putting pen to page for over a decade, developing and honing his unique style and performance. Taking roots in South West WA, he boasts a prolific resume that includes 4 studio albums and countless online releases, and has shared the stage with the likes of Cypress Hill, Immortal Technique and Atmosphere. He brings to the game a message of positive change and a hunger for more ... more

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Track Name: Streaming Consciousness 2.0 (prod. by Mat Rafle)
Respect to all revolutionary/Front soldiers-none bolder the ones, throwing/
the boulders back at the scum-bags Rollin with guns loaded/
-the drunks, pouring the rum, all in the punchbowl that the/
blind, mullets having fights, flurries and fuss over-/
-the suns, solar is un-polar there's none colder/
-you bi-polar I'm tri-polar my minds, solder-/
is high, over required, load and it might, blow if it/
does, all, y'all will be in for a light, show/
I'm walking a tight, rope in a storm, both of my eyes closed-/
hypnotized, clones of the war, form as a cyclone-/
civilized, motions of thought, ought to remind, y'all/
forget the horse, slaughtering all, Trojans inside-/
is the bigger cause, set before us-/
-a metaphor, for the wicked force, never sourced, and they've endorsed-/
paid, hit-men on every shore-/
there's never been a bigger threat, than a military militantly misinformed-/
-the devils pitch, fork, led them on-/
- and they gon kill us all, if we let Em get that, strong-/
yeah they gon ship us all, into prison death camps, on-/
the border or they'll have us sitting in a trench with a gun-/
or in a mental home, medically stunned-/
and every morning have a medic place the methadone, under the tongue-/
-it's either that or life on the run, confiding in none-/
there's no, place, for a liberated mind in the slum-/
coz if we letting Em think, a message could slip-/
and spread in the mix, and they could realize that everything's, fixed-/
-And maybe they'd be wanting everything, fixed-/
-and maybe want a better view instead of these, bricks-/
and want a better life and not to spend their brief trip-/
working like a slave to end up on a pension scheme, gipped-/
-that's why they feed us the amphetamine drip-/
-thats why they pump the city full of ecstasy and trips-/
-there getting to the kids, presenting them a fix-/
Temporarily the world can seem, better than it is-/
why the heroin is pure quality-/
Bush, came back, from Afghanistan, with a pocket full of poppyseeds-/
honestly - you wanna hustle do it properly-/
-the CIA, call it boosting the economy-/
-the pigs ain't helping the people with every guy they bust-/
-they just helping the dealers to push the prices up-/
-are you gon let Em roll the dice on us-/
-You're either Gunna let Em do us like that, or you decide enough-/
-a rifle clutched, ain't a sign of power-/
-the fact is that a healthy mind is far superior to firepower-/
-that's what illumination is to tune your station in and/
view the vein of silver in lew of a rude awakening-/
-For what a brutal statement you awaken to/
To realise you ain't just who you are you're more like what they made of you-/
-I don't know if the books they gave at school were fake or true/
-Just trying to separate the real, from the pay per view-/
-I know my mother worked her heart out just to make it through/
And make it so I never had to starve or ever scrape for food-/
-I know the love from a parent is unconditional/
And in the midst of all this will never be something fictional-/
-I know that money is nothing it's like a ritual/
But family and friends well their value is unequivocal-/
-I never knew a thing about my father past his name/
-Still I feel connected to the islands that I can't explain-/
-Sometimes I wish that I could start again-/
That I had a chance to take, part and learn the other path that marked my fate-/
-But then I think about him raising up my little sisters/
Langi and Luisa big, brother sends, love and kisses-/
And how my younger brothers make him proud-/
-Like the real, father figure he ain't know how to be when I came around-/
-And now I see that's how it evens out-/
And what I thought I wanted has a greater meaning now-/
For me to be without a family could seed and flower-/
-And that's my blood, irrespective of the depth of any sea surrounding us/
And he who doubted us, disempowered us-/
-Learn to recognise the ways of the beast, or it devours us-/
-And those who chase impressive stones, will be left alone-/
In their deathly throws, crying for the love they'll never own-//

--You are now, streaming con-sciousness-/
--From grey, matter to the grave, and beyond the abyss-/
-Forever roaming trying to find, where the truth is hidden-/
-That's why I opened up my mind, so that you could visit-/
Tickets - you are now, streaming con-sciousness-/
--From brain, pattern to the page, to a compact disc-/
-We bring the heart back, we bring the smart back-/
-We bring the art back, back to where it started at, Consciousness.//
Track Name: New World City ft. Bsyde
Where every move is being watched and they monitor/
Every corner every street, every block or kilometre radius/
Honest Australian's living under constant surveilance-/
Terrorist threats, evidence kept, under containment-/
Government agents move in at big, brothers arrangement-/
90% of the earth, live in utter enslavement-/
Stuck in the matrix trapped in this system of forced labour/
Perpetual debt, hereditary death, court papers-/
Law, makers deep in the pockets of those-/
Deep in the pockets and those, feeding them profit control, we as the/
Populus whole, media dumbing us down, see they don't/
Want us to grow, take away our rights and we're not gunna know-/
And we watching 'em go - the literacy level/
Topples and falls, but they're too busy scrubbing fucking graffiti/
Off of the walls - trying to take the spark away-/
Watching the light fade, these will be our darkest days-//

They got the lives of the masses, controlled by a few cowards-/
We stand together, we'll never lose power I ain't never gunna-/
Welcome the New World City, Welcome the New World City-/
Coz we can't ever let 'em take us alive-/
Like sleeper agents gotta activate that anger inside, say we ain't never gunna-/
Welcome the New World City, Welcome the New World City-/

Where human beings we are treated as livestock-/
-Hearded by cowboys, caged, beaten deprived, of/
All, but the bare minimum sweat, shop, conditioning/
-18 hour shifts, and rest, at rare interims-/
-There ain't no getting ahead-/
Getting the better of debt, this system is designed especially yes-/
They know your every step, believe this-/
Currency is stored, electronically via RFID, chips/
And if you should speak, ill of them you'll meet your demise-/
Yeah they gon' point the bone, at you and leave you to die-/
Freeze all your fi-nances delete all your files, your known, data/
You'll get thrown, out in the street as persona non grata/
While they bomb part of, the world, that your kids'll never know-/
They ain't never heard a thing about 'em on the telly show-/
-This plan is centuries in the making but set in stone-/
Never, no, not unless we let it go, while-//
Track Name: Air Conditioning
Radio DJs, quick on those, replays-/
But they ain't, saying a thing, what you call that?-/
Air, air, air, conditioning - air, air, air, conditioning-/
On your TV, saying buy the CD-/
Record execs, keep the people in check-/
Keep an all, seeing eye on things, what they call that?-/
Air, air, air, conditioning - air, air, air, conditioning-/

-- Turn off the motherfuckin radio-/
-Corrupt the data cut the cables 'til the station close-/
Coz, video killed the radio, star-/
Radio, kill the single when they take it so, far-/
--Hear 'em blast, round the clock-/
Same 5, singles, half, hour block, and I/
Don't know if Rihanna is a tool of the Illuminati-/
--But if I hear her song again I'm gunna shoot somebody-/
--Guess that's the way that it goes-/
The corporation run the station now the DJ's, are hoes-/
--They do whatever say whatever they're told-/
-Cue that Katy Perry song again it never gets old-/
--This is more than I can bear-/
-No requests, they gon' tell you what you wanna hear-/
-The disc, jockey is a corporate in a chair-/
-Pumping out another form of poison the air, yeah-//

3, 2-/-1, back, after that, de-layed, commercial break-/
You're chilling with your boy, DJ (Insert-a-name)-/
-And when I'm in the building gotta bring the heat, cousin-/
-You know I got my finger hot on that repeat, button-/
--You need a new fix, of the same agenda-/
-Well take a seat and tune in, any day to get it-/
--Now here's a few, hits, that you may remember/
Taken from the preapproved list, that the label sent us-/
-Either these lame presenters are some great pretenders or they're/
Crazy and to make an effort even making sense of what they/
Say effectively conveys the message that the nation cares and/
We consider them as being entertaining well I'm thinkin'/
Fuck that - boycott, the beaurocrats-/
Call out, the hypocrits, whore's acts, and hy-notists-/
-The main, stream is looking viral and decayed-/
So we staying independent like some pirates on the waves, coz-//


So don't, let, that (don't, let, that), don't let that air, condi-tioning-/
Make you cool, don't get played, for a, fool-/ x2
Track Name: Equality ft. Ulla Shay
Equality, what does it mean-/
Well I've been taught that we were all created equal but what I see is a different thing-/
-The way it seems to the public/
Is everybody is equal it's just that some are more, equal than others/
Me and my brothers we have always felt we equal each other/
Take one of us out the picture it don't equal that number-/
-Now we spread across the map, some are working and saving cash-/
-And some are in and out of debt, slaving to pay it back-/
But when we get together all that shit goes out the window-/
We're just some rowdy kinfolk kickin' back it's plain and simple-/
-And there ain't no one better-/
-To chill and have a session with our spirits on a level pitch and there ain't no one better-/
-I guess it's how we all were thrown together-/
-And formed a bond that can't be broken coz we've grown together-/
-Through encouraging each other we've developed ourselves-/
And through equality we never got ahead of ourselves-//

Equality is a relative term-/
-Before we entered the world, we had a predetermined destiny served-/
-By the environment our parents were living in/
Every element in it directly effected the health of the infant-/
-If you were lucky enough to be a Westener living/
In a society with more than we should ever be given/
You would expect a child born in better health and conditon/
Than that of a baby descended into treacherous conditions-/
-But when that western baby enters the system/
They get given injections to prevent infections from killing them/
Not to mention vaccinations that expressly inhibit/
The natural immunities growing and developing in 'em-/
-And when you weigh up all the evidence is it/
Intelligent to raise your children up in sterile conditions/
I guess the message that we're meant to find-/
Is that the nature of equality will always give the oppressed, the strength to rise-//

Equality is a mountain to climb-/
It is the equal emphasis on health in the body and soundness of mind-/
They'd like you to believe we live in equality/
-But tell that to an orphan of the conflict, in Libya living in poverty/
Munition companies are hitting the lottery/
And you think that anyone is giving him an apology never-/
-He can't escape from the terror-/
--While your in Perth, bitching 'bout the stain, that ya got in ya Dolce sweater-/
-And sweatshop, kids, sewed that leather-/
And you wear it and it makes you feel, so much better-/
-You claim to want equality but acting sinful/
-When you go and drop a couple thousand dollars on a status symbol-/
-Equality is not the hammer of a banging pistol-/
-And liberation never came from an advancing missile-/
As revolution is the product of a need for change/
Equality will come when people realise they've been enslaved-//
Track Name: Napalm
I smell a murder like-/
Iraq, Iran, Israel, Lebanon-/
-I smell a murder like, I smell a homicide-/
Timor, Afghanistan, Cambodia Thailand, I smell a murder like, I smell the genocide-/

I smell the smoking barrel-/
-Totalitarian takeover is waged, cloak and dagger-/
This planets ownership is open slather-/
-Divided up between the few with the influence to control the masses-/
Manipulation mind molding tactics, MK Ultra/
Program, exploiting hapless subjects to forms of madness-/
Liquid acid political propaganda/
Shock, therapy subliminal images shown at random-/
Illegal candor, satanic ties, demon worship-/
Deliberately releasing vermine riddled disease a popu-/
Lation cull is taking place-/
Cocaine is laced in the community control and distribute like 10-80 baits-/
-And from creating AIDS - to pumping cancer patients-/
Full of radiation til they fade away-/
There is no black and white, only shades of grey/
This regime, has foundations layed, on the basis that people remain afraid-/

Pakistan, Syria, India, Vietnam, I smell a murder like-/
I smell a homicide-/
Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, I smell a murder like-/
I smell the genocide-/

I smell the agent Orange-/
-Major conflicts, prolonged and encouraged, control the disruption/
-Soldiers are rushed in, misinformed, given false-/
Visions of a bigger cause, told not to trust, any/
One, viewing every Muslim as an insurgent-/
You're on you flight, home, searching for a man in a turban/
Because damn it your certain that you saw him planning to murder/
Every man and make it his passage to 72, virgins/
-A myth, burned, in our consciousness-/
Like, Palestinian civilians skin when hit with white, phosphorus-/
-You put your faith in the United Nations/
They some vile rapists human rights, violators globalisation/
Mind, statesmen, playing lion, tamers, trying, make this/
Planet kinda like a giant slave ship-/
And if you ain't, in the group that's envolved-/
You gon' be down, in the hold, fuckin' moving the oars/
There ain't no future involved/
In how they doing us all, we gotta take 'em to war!!!//
Track Name: Chemtrails
So you better not, breathe, when they come through, some spew dust, fumes/
So hard to tell apart, they won't even tell us we can't-/
Breathe - they flood your windpipes-/
They want y'all dead right, that ain't no jet, flight, trai-l so don't-/
Breathe, look look, we out, playing we out-breaking/
And they're so fast, when they blow, past, that we won't-/
See, but your end it is at hand-/
-And people if you see those white, lines, go and get 'em on your cam, let it Breathe-//

-These maggots don't, learn or care-/
They mile, high, with that birds eye stare-/
-Dropping chemicals that hurt my air, no this ain't lies, dude-/
If you develop emphasyma maybe they're liable-/
Better brace yourself, you know these money hungry businesses'll/
Take your wealth, trying to keep it on the quiet gotta/
Save yourself, they engineering all our dietary basics hell-/
-What they gunna do, next-/
They'll have you grabbing your chest, coughing from that man, made-/
Pathogen test, just a day in they work-/
They wanna see us under the dirt, so they can relax-/
Look up Agenda 21, what I'm saying is fact-/
They've made, blue-prints of prison zones-/
-Destroy the soil, get your shopping from their mar-ket or starve, we can't get our own-/
-This a heavy load, mentally you never know-/
When you see those white, lines, people just remember don't-/

Breathe, 1 and to the 2, 2 and to the 3, 3 and to the 4, tell 'em not to BREATHE/
Chemtrails in the sky tonight-/

-I ain't telling you to drop into pa-nic/
Rock a oxygen, tank and a han-kerchief around your head to/
Breathe - Just saying keep a stock of organic/
Pro-duce, stash enough for your family, and tell 'em they can/
Breathe, when cancer attacks, you ain't assured to travel through/
That - but the greatest plan of attack-/
Lay off the shitty feed that we're buyngs-/
Coz weak immunities, feeble and blind-ing is the breed that they try and keep-/
-They use, bullets in the Middle East to make them run-/
-We pay, private prisons every inmate is a sum-/
They neglect, all races, even oppress, caucasians-/
Coz Zion ain't, big enough for ex-tra placements-/
They would want, us hooked up, to respirators/
Spending our last cent, trying to cover medical payments-/
I ain't trying to get, scared, but I'm pre-pared-/
-Face, the truth, nobody's trying to save, the youth, we can't-/

Breathe, 1 and to the 2, 2 and to the 3, 3 and to the 4, tell 'em not to BREATHE/
Chemtrails in the sky tonight-/

-They can create peace, instead they'd degrade, me-/
As quick as the beep of an EKG-/
Catch a breath, 'fore you catch your death, coughing up, black and red-/
Heavy metal on the chest, this ain't the A-Team-/
- And I ain't spray, things, nah this ain't a day dream-/
They can call it climate control, or cloud-bating/
But I ain't buying - any cover up these primates trying-/
-They just look at us as primates dying-/
-So you in-hale the breeze, but it's so tox-ic your/
Entrails, diseased, and it don't, stop, til we're/
Dead in the streets, now a doctor with a stethoscope's/
Telling me to quit the dope, look what we motherfucking BREATHE-//

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED/Unsaid)
Track Name: Killuminati ft. Bsyde
-Can't, believe, what they spun, to me, it's like we liv-ing in one big lie-/
-Satan be, catching up, to me, he sees all, out of one big eye-/
-Sick society has lost, it's soul, lost it's way, nearly lost our minds-/
-But we ain't, taking shit from y'all, we woke up, and we ain't gon' hide, no, more-//

--These cowards trying to take my soul-/
--This shit is starting to take it's toll-/
They've got a hand around the globe and wanna take control-/
-Have everybody cookie cuttered out and playing roles-/
-You see the symbol on American dollars-/
The same, paper that they're using to enslave us for profit-/
-Taking our homes, and they tax from our pockets/
Taking their tax out our pockets face it the banks are the robbers/
This is reality, most of what is labelled the truth-/
It is a fallacy, total domination of you-/
And your, family - is what they're taking us to-/
New, world, order, globalization platoons-/
Agents of doom, are on their way to your door-/
-Nuclear war, everybody layed on the floor, dead-/
-Another casualty, same as before-/
But now, we can see the demons that are playing in your, head-//

--So did Adam Weishaupt start-/
The brotherhood, that would vie to try and blind our, hearts-/
--Or was it just a resurfacing/
Of an order kept, secret by leaders of our corrupt, churches-/
-See Weishaupt, had a vision of a hidden few-/
Borne to destabilize the governments and religious groups-/
-Their goal was mind control, suppressing the working class-/
Keep the truth, strictly for the people who had earned their pass-/
-He built a clientele of influential characters-/
-Built a power structure where the quintessential stature was/
Illumation, he had them flocking to the area-/
Infiltrated free-mason lodges in Bavaria-/.
--But what is even scarier/
They tried to shut the system down but found they couldn't bury it-/
-A year later came the French revolution/
When they tore a nation down, and rebuilt the constitution-/

-The 17, 89, French, dec-laration/
Of human rights, testifies, to their web of the lies-/
-Proof that the order survived-/
The page, bears, two masonic pillars underneath the all seeing eye, why?-//

In 1776 America was federated/
Same year the illuminati resurgence was demonstrated/
-And for the years it was officially active/
Benjamin Franklin was a diplomat, sitting in Paris/
Living it lavish and to top it off-/
-He was inaugarated as Grand, Master of the masonic lodge-/
Learnt their systems of control, took the information back and re-layed it/
And started to assimilate American freemasons-/
-Now these are bleak, statements-/
-That every conflict of the last couple of centuries essentially was cre-ated-/
-To build an order to control the earth-/
-To point the cannon at 'em having handing over turf, if you're scared-/
Go to church - and let the lord decide the sacrament/
While pastors worship Satan as they sodomizing catholic kids-/
-I think that there's a higher force that guide our happenings/
But there ain't no one representing god inside the Vatican-/
-So trace it back, and you might get, far-/
Past, the Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar-/
-But if you're going down the rabbit hole, don't get cocky-/
And be another vic, X'd out, by Illuminati-//
Track Name: Take it Away/Welcome to the West Bank
What the hell have they done, to us-/
Channeling their hate, 'til it comes through us-/
-We would never discover petty difference in one another/
If they didn't put 'em right in our face, so I'm asking-//
What the hell have they done, to us-/
Waiting for the day, that they come for us-/
-We would never be driven by the petty fears within us/
If they didn't come and make it that way-//

---What have we, done-/
Reaping every last, crumb from the planet that we, want-/
--Now the damage has been, done-/
-The smog is thick, now and we can't even see the sun-/
--Where the hell did we go, wrong-/
-Jeopardise our life on this rock that we float, on-/
-While we're fighting a nation of no, one-/
Terrorism is a new cold, war that can go, on-/
Indefinite, Libya Iraq, ain't seperate-/
Knock it all, down, rebuild, resettle it-/
-But they don't care about their whereabouts it's evident-/
They just get the presidents, more dead, presidents/
Create laws, impose sanctions and set, prescedents-/
Take oil, for souls, tallying dead, residents-/
-Boil, their blood, dry, and claimed terrorists-/
-Soil, got sucked, dry, then they exited-/
Bush, found, guilty of war, crimes that's irrelevant/
No government can counter the power that he inherited/
Never be extrodited convicted or jailed, benefits/
Of walking out the president's suite with the same, memberships-/
-CFR, TC, think i'm dropping names-/
There the biggest gangs, in the whole, motherfucking game-/
-Killing and torture is justice in their corrupted brains-/
Millions are slaughtered and shoveled into their unmarked graves-//

Welcome to the/West Bank, reporters enter with their vests strapped-/
-The settlers would never step inside the death, trap-/
--This is ain't a blood or crip set-/
This an unabridged, genocidal government, threat-/
-They try stopp-in us, we fire roc-kets up-/
-They crop, dust, the block, with white, phos-phorus-/
-They try knock, us off, we throw, molotovs-/
-And handmade, grenades, to take, off ya top-/
-Off-icer knock-ing the door, off, of the/
Hin-ges kick it in now I'm on the floor, shocked, in a/
Choke, hold, lock, and I don't, know, what-/
-I did, to be hauled, up in my own, home, locked-/
In handcuffs - they say I'm a terrorist-/
They say this ain't my country and I don't deserve a claim in the benefits-/
They say I'm an immigrant, they say this nation would be better/
Without us they treat us like we ain't even citizens-/
I think that they're hypocrits-/
-They're trying to take my family's land from me on the basis of religious significance-/
--But in the knowledge we got similar ties-/
-They won't acknowledge me or give me my rights-/
They keep on spinning the lies, they don't acknowledge what we did to survive-/
You know the media don't listen they won't give us no time-/
The bull-dozers come around we throwing rocks from the crowd-/
Then foot, soldiers coming back to lock the neighbourhood down-/
Ain't no one saving us now, the Gaza strip is like a prison and/
They're basically already putting names in the ground-/
They built a wall around the city that they're carving us out-/
Blocking United Nations aid and now they're starving us out-/
-The children grow around the killing and the weekly threats-/
-Their will to live is non-existent their belief is dead-/
-And all the promises of martyrdom can seem the best-/
Option when you're watching people die and can't perceive and end-/
--Sleep with a rifle underneath the bed-/
--If you don't wanna be the one that's leaving next-/
--If you don't wanna be the one that meets your death/
Evicted from your land and see it being repossessed-//
Track Name: The Real Dope Boyz (cuts by Rob Shaker)
--We invented the drug, game-/
Control the biggest syndicate remaining active today-/
On every corner you can see us moving pallets of weight-/
We shipping keys in sea containers international freight-/
I got a planet full of addicts in the palm of my hand-/
And I could crush 'em into dust and sell the powder in grams-/
I'm even dealing to your children I don't care if it's evil/
You think I got to where I'm at today by caring 'bout people-/
--You're nothing but potential junkies to me-/
And all your savings down the drain it's just a number to me-/
My face is up in every country ain't no running from me-/
-If cases come I payed the judges so they cover for me-/
-So through your pain well you've provided something beautiful-/
And your last prescription I'ma write it at your funeral/
-And so I'll end it there, signing off as usual-/
-Ian Read, CEO of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals....Real dope boys-//

Where the real dope boyyyys-/
They ain't fuckin' with the dope, no morrrrrre-/
--Capsules in all capitals-/
--Cash and it's all capital-/
They're the real dope boyyyys-/
And they ain't fuckin' with the coke, no morrrrrre-/
--Capsules in all capitals-/
--Cash and it's all capital-/

-The real dope boys in the building-/
And they don't wear no Chuck, Taylors they aint crips or the bloods they the/
CEOs of Johnson and Johnson, Purdue pharma moving/
Oxycontin to the population and watching them dropping-/
-They got that Munchausens telling the world that were sick-/
-Saying they got the remedy in injection or drip-/
-Or just a pill in your drink, so take a little sip-/
-drink the kool aid, motherfucker finish it-/
-And you gone have to accept it/
Imagine how sad and dejected you would be without your anti depressants, shiiit/
-They give you Ritalin to help you through the week/
-Then they gone put you on some ceraquel to help you go to sleep-/
And you hardly ever eat, your stomach lining stripped-/
From the chemicals you take, every fucking chance you get-/
And they laughing all the way to the bank-/
Big, pharma the largest cartels, operating today I'm just stating the facts, and the// dope boys, in the building//
Track Name: Hip Hop (cuts by Rob Shaker)
Hip-/ hop is a feeling of emanating warmth-/
-the veins that course, pumping life into my otherwise decaying corpse-/
Hip hop is pain reversed and hate rethought-/
-hip hop is crashing burning rising from the ashes and remaining strong-/
-hip hop is gracious in the face of flaws-/
-a path for lost, angels to escape the fate befalling satan's war-/
-from Hades horseman and their flaming swords-/
-hip hop is never bowing down before a foreign occupation force-/
-And knowledge is a right for all-/
Hip, hop is true illumination to the disinformation of Michael Moore-/
-Hip hop is soul rejuvenation through the tables raw-/
-Music taking form just bang the tape and sonic waves are born-/
-hip hop is truth when I create a song-/
-Thats why I talk about a future darker than a West Australian swan-/
-Superpowers aggressively pursuing Lebensraum but/
Hip, hop, ain't a corporation it's the people's song-//

--this is real life shit-/
--they got the streets on lock-/
--they traumatize our kids-/
--then blame it on, hip hop-/
-they didn't wanna let, hip hop in-/
-Now they ain't making this move-ment, stop-/
--So i'ma talk about what hip hop is?-/
--while you be talking bout what hip hop's not-//

Hip-/Hop, is in a drum machine-/
-Hip hop is in the drummers beat, that you chopped, and created something sweet-/
-Hip, hop is in the blood of kings-/
Hip, hop is in that chunky ring, but hip hop don't need a fucking thing-/
-Hip, hop is in the Gaza streets-/
Hip, hop is in the galley of a Barracuda class, submarine-/
-Hip, hop is in a young marine's-/
Playlist, bumping Grave-diggaz right before he let's the muzzle sing-/
-They say that hip, hop encouraged him,we say-/
-Hip, hop, doesn't predate the sins, of his government-/
-Did hip hop, make 'em hustlers-/
-Maybe it did, but tell me who, gave the smugglers the planes and the ships?-/
-Did hip, hop, make him skate on his kid-/
-Beat on his girl coz Ice Cube, called a lady a bitch-/
-You blame the music wrong, learned from his dad-/
-He was stationed in Bagh-dad in '03, raping women in his uniform-//
Track Name: Doin' My Thing
I've never seen, such a beautiful thing-/
Lookin' into the crowd, a full house, while I'm doin' my thing-/
I've never seen such a wonderful sight, like/
Lookin' out, over the ocean on a summery night, ayo/
It's Cortext, up on the mic-/
Breaking new boundries, like the Wright, brothers to flight-/
And I, got nothing but the love in my life-/
And feel famous I'll never change up or go, under the knife-/
I'm one of a kind, I never wanted nothing but mine-/
I started with nothing and heard that I had nothing but time-/
So I, got on the grind, made something of mine-/
And now my soul's on glow, brother cover your eyes-/
I wasn't surprised, I watched the demise-/
Of many of the most, confident guys, who had their shot at the prize-/
But it wasn't a matter of getting the confidence vote-/
But a matter of giving back, when they got what they hoped-/
I'm wanting to o-pen doors never switchin' on my scene-/
You giving the kids, crack, we giving 'em ice cream-/
You giving them pipe dreams, we giving them hope-/
We ain't trying to give them a ride, we give them a rope-/
To find there own, path in the rock, to climb to the top-/
Hip hop, is the rope, ladder that our fore-fathers have dropped-/
But ain't no safety net provided to stop-/
Death, it's certain survival is not, like it or not-/

I'ma do it for us all, family, friends-/
All my brothers in the struggle know the love will never end-/
Yeah I do it for us all, my mum and my grandma-/
And my fam, in the islands, gotta send love-/
-For us all, trying to put, on-/
Throw the D's up, gotta put my neighbourhood on yiah-/
-Y'all made me this strong-/
Coz you gave me this love, ain't no breaking this bond-//

All my fam, in the D, yeah you know what it is-/
That's the friends that were there, when you grow from a kid-/
We've come so far, pissed up in pubs and parks-/
From a scratched up bike, to a busted car-/
From a chicken scratch pad with some busted up bars-/
To a beat like this, don't it fuckin' sound large-/
DS Fam, we the underground squad-/
We some fuckin' hound dogs, and we comin' out, chargin'-/
The gates, like a battering ram, and with a damaging/
Attack plan, handling the battle at hand-/
And we gon', tackle the land, like a travelling band-/
And milk, it for what it's worth, like a mammory gland-/
But still, chillin' in the turf, Scotsdale to Morgan-/
Or McKail to York or Armadale to Clarkson-/
Westside of the map, best times that i've had-/
In my life and they're written here, right in the sand-//

And to the /Family I never met, to those I've never had the/
Pleasure yet, our time will come, better bet on that-/
-And dad, your blood is mine coz I was spawned from that-/
So why's it feeling kinda foreign when I call you that-/
-I know your good at heart, and where your core is at/
But now I'm 23 I've lived a life and you missed all of that-/
-I think we spoke, on the phone, brief in '03/
I would have just, started penning flowed speech, on note, sheets-/
-And now we're making magic, without no lame intentions-/
-I'm trying to make a difference, so if you maybe hear this/
Track then check the net or pick a phone up and dial-/
-Even if for nothing but to let me know you're alive-/
-Coz through the torment and trials, broken promises and/
All the denials, to spending all them nights alone in the wild-/
I'm holding a smile, envisaging visions of where I'm going-/
-Crystally clear and knowing the minute the curtains open//
Track Name: The Dream ft. Porsah Laine
Last night, I had a dream-/
Of fires blazing through my head-/
When my reflection turned to me-/
This is what was said-/

I had a dream I said, bout who he said-/
Bout that voice in my head, that's the devil he said-/
I don't know but this was on another level I said-/
Well then go on and pull up a chair and tell it he said-/
It was me in my bed, temple beading in sweat-/
--Tossing side to side, from the screams I said-/
--Visions of the streets, run red-/
Way more vivid than an image out of any magazine, I said-/
That's deep he said, well then peep it I said-/
-A demon then appeared in front of me, I swear-/
Nothing like a movie told me to believe, or expect-/
Coz the devil looked, just like me, I SAID/
-Got a lot of questions running through my mind, I bet-/
You know everything that I've been trying to find, I said-/
--Why's all this blood up in my eyes, I said-/
Why we stuck inside a struggle to survive, I said-/
Tell me why, these threats, tell me why we've felt-/
So much tragedy inhabiting the lives, we've led-/
--But why you want 'em to be blind, I said-/
Why you gotta keep that evil on their mind, I said-/
-Well that's the balance I provide, he said-/
--Positive and negative collide, he said-/
--I might have showed you where the knife's been, kept/
Whether or not you use it only you decide, he said-/
--You better swallow all that pride, he said-/
Look into the mirror from the other side, he said-/
-What your saying is effectively your vacant of the strength for re-/
Arranging your trajectory in life, he said-/
--I thought you'd have a bit of fight, he said-/
-Slavery's embedded in your mind, I guess-/
---Well then your destiny is mine, he said-/
-And you ain't got nothing left to do but die, he said-/
That's a lie, I said, well then prove it he said-/
--Think you've got the balls, start a movement he said-/
Talking all, kinds of righteous in your music you said-/
That you want to make a change well go and do it he said-/
I will, I said, I'ma do what I said-/
-And after you can tell 'em that you knew what I said-/
--I've seen a million of you, he said-/
--Thinkin' they could make a difference too he said/
-What Michael and Malcolm X already knew, he said-/
-What Marley Ghandi and Pac were trying to do, he said/
From Diana Kennedy Martin Mandela Lennon Guevara/
There ain't nobody I haven't gotten to, he said-/
Well regardless I said, I'ma march to my death-/
-Like the martyred fore, fathers in the path that I, step-/
-And I drive, out the devil with a grin on my face-/
As I did the light, fades and I, wake, it was all a dream-//

--But I ain't dreaming no, more-/
--Focus in the moment and I'm feeling so, sure-/
-I ain't got time for sleeping no more-/
-When a life is so short, kinda feel like 'it was all a dream'-/x2

Time to wake up world