Streaming Consciousness 2​.​0 (Disc 2 of 2)

by Cortext

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released December 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Cortext Perth, Australia

Cortext has been putting pen to page for over a decade, developing and honing his unique style and performance. Taking roots in South West WA, he boasts a prolific resume that includes 4 studio albums and countless online releases, and has shared the stage with the likes of Cypress Hill, Immortal Technique and Atmosphere. He brings to the game a message of positive change and a hunger for more ... more

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Track Name: Streaming Consciousness 2.1
They patrol our streets, they control the charts-/
Always in our ear, but can't control our hearts-/
You can play the sheep, and be led to the dark-/
-You gon' end up slaughtered instead, bled as a martyr/
So heavenly father, if you're out, there what i'm asking is/
Am I talking to god or the devil wearing a mask coz in/
Your image you created a killer, in the parliament/
They're acting like a life is a chip or something to barter with/
-But I won't sit back, sip and suckle the arsenic/
You working on your figure I'm chiseling up my artistry-/
-Coz life is quick and you're likely to miss the universe-/
-Living life in the gym, trying to be Mr. Universe/
That's why I'm questioning god, like did he miss my universe/
The vatican are keeping your mind, tied while they loot the earth-/
-They'll stab your back with a crucifix through your shirt-/
Then they'll charge you out the arse for a funeral at the newest church-/
-My brother Matty was taken before he true deserved/
-And my heart was heavy carrying his coffin to the hearse-/
I remember seeing the crash, site on the news and heard-/
-Tragic traffic accident takes the life of a youth in Perth-/
-I didn't know what to say when I saw his mum-/
-Trying to find the words to comfort a father who lost his only son-/
-Trying to hold it together but overcome-/
If the lord is playing golf with our souls well he put a hole in one-/
-Losing my man, gave my spirit a fracture-/
-Hope I never see another of my kin in that cas-ket how we-/
-Living that loss is a significant factor-/
-But it ain't such a thing, if you living in Bas-ra and the-/
Children in Rapha see their siblings get cap-tured/
Beaten by the military just for living we have, to/
See it in a diffe-rent manner they deal with the massacre/
Of their fam by turning death into a symbol of valor-/
-When that militant is wielding a strap you think that the/
Hinge of his actions is whether he is or he isn't islamic, No-/
-He's trying to deal with madness-/
-No he doesn't hate our freedom or our liberties you ignorant parrot-/
-Don't buy into what they spin as the facts-/
The world is showing all the symptoms of an organism stricken with can-cer-/
Have they planned, our, death, it would seem, so I'm/
Figuring my plans, with a hand outstretched, to my people trying to/
Get 'em to stand up, the other raised, with a middle finger/
For the finger puppets sitting in Canberra-/
-See this for the kids on the Tampa-/
For the victims of religious synicism and slan-der if I met the/
Richest man, I wouldn't have him giving his grands up-/
The only thing he'd really have to give is some an-swers/
Coz when every last, bottle is popped-/
Whether in a loin, cloth, or Louis leather still you're body will rot-/
--Bet if the global oligarchy were to stop a minute-/
-Think about the things that they've got and what they forgot to get it-/
-I think they'd see that their philosophies are off a little-/
-And they'd be knocking down my door like what I got to give 'em-/
-Love, family, friend-ship they cannot be given-/
-They must be earned and then cherished through any opposition-/
-I bet the hottest pop, singer on top of the business/
-Would give the diamonds in her watch for an honest opinion-/
-Often the rhythm and the power the industry holds-/
-Sours the thinking turning powerful women to hoes-/
-Found her an image spending thousands to get her some clothes-/
-Now she's a corpo-rate stripper you're television's the pole-/
-This is not an image, this is god given-/
-Seeing what you have and don't worry 'bout what you're not given-/
-Like are you threatened by military who bomb civilians-/
-And can't provide the important provisions for your children-/
-Has awful illness killed a quarter of the block you live in?-/
Then please repeat this after me, 'I am not a victim.'-//
Track Name: It's Nothin' ft. Porsah Laine
It's the small things, the not at all things-/
That you can boil on up, and make 'em something-/
And If you want to, you can be mad too-/
But you don't want to, and you don't have to-/

Say it's nothing nothing nothing x 4-//

Its nothing, to feel a little torn up-/
Like it ain't been your week, your day, or your month-/
-Yeah it's normal to feel, lost-/
-Life ain't, flowing how you thought that it, was/
It's nothing - to feel a little unsure-/
-Purgatory halls, trying to pick the right, door/
It's nothing - somebody snipped the light cord-/
-But you can fix it up it ain't nothing to die for/
It's nothing - and though I'm different myself-/
- Still I feel I'm similar to everyone else, coz-/
Some days, I fall, vic to myself-/
-Overthinking every little sitch that I'm dealt, and/
Some days, I even lie to my-self-/
- Get a little high, say goodbye to myself, it's/
Those days, I gotta tighten my belt-/
-Coz really only one that I deny is myself-//

-Sometimes I hate the way you humans are-/
-You make me wanna throw a brick, through your moving car-/
-To be a rapper all you need to know is who you are-/
-But gotta say that same, shit to be a superstar-/
-So why they trying to bar the truth, from the radio-/
Do I gotta talk some bull-shit for them to play me though-/
--Nobody wanna hear about the damn war-/
All they want is dick, in your pussy on the dance floor-/
-- Nobody wanna hear about the real-/
- Everybody wanna hear about a mill-/
-And I don't give a fuck about your deal-/
-If you ain't giving back, then you'll never be fulfilled/
-I'm trying to shake, up the world because they need, waking-/
Until I've opened every eye then I'ma keep waiting-/
-And when I lose patients, I think of those suffering-/
-Compared to them, what the fuck are my problems--//

-I used to know a really tight chick-/
-Beautiful within as she was in an outfit-/
- Worked out, body was quite fit-/
Couldn't work out, why she'd always tell me i'm sick, I don't/
Understand, what's the trouble damn-/
- Breaking down the fingernails, on both of her hands-/
When I look into her eyes, I picture a dream
When she looks in the mirror it's a different thing-/
-Guess she fell into the trap of caring who wants what-/
-Like some socks on the washing line, two hung up-/
On what the world thinks, but it's they're loss-/
-Besides, who wouldn't rather a Nicki Minaj to a Kate Moss-/
-It makes me sick, how the media degrade women-/
-Every blemish on their skin, must remain, hidden-/
-- How I see it every woman's a queen-/
-And if you don't respect yourself then how will anyone, see-//
Track Name: Monsters in my Head ft. Xzakt
I was just a solemn child, sitting where I had to be-/
I'm my mother's only son, single parent family-/
Didn't ever have to see the split that made my daddy leave/
Coz she was headed back and he just did the fade to black to me/
She raised me single handedly, showed me how it had to be so/
Nan and pops was home while she was going out to bat for me/
And all my life I've had to be alone so much I have to keep/
My mates around me constantly to hold me up and carry me/
You wanna hear the the truth I'll put my soul in what I'm practising/
I'll open cut my skull and show you all inside the cavity/
You wanna hear the truth I wish they told me what I am and if/
I'm gonna touch the shore or tip this boat on my insanity-/
-- And if I go will they imagine me/
-- And will the chauffeur play a track for me-/
-- And will my foes remain attacking me and/
Hold the hate or cancel the emotions they attached to me/
I hope to gain a chance to see the ghosts that chain and shackle me/
Dissolve in flame and ashes just to show they ain't a match for me/
I hope to shake the sad routine I know and gain the majesty/
To hold the weight I carry down and know it ain't the gravity/
I hope to gain the clarity to know when they are trapping me/
Uphold my basic values and opposing Satan's faculty/
Convincing us he never had control and making tragedy/
A thing we take for granted was I'm told his greatest strategy/
The monsters in my mental make emotions sway erratically/
The optimist descends into a hopeless state of agony/
The goblins in my temple play an open game of tag with me/
I'm either running from or trying to overtake them rapidly/
I know the game I have to beat, know the way I have to treat/
The ogres in my attic if I hope to make it back in peace/
I overstand the animals the actual ain't as dark to me/
I know I ain't a captive they encapsulate a part of me-//