The Righteous Turn Up

by Cortext

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This album is dedicated to my mum, dad, my whole family in Tonga and Aus, my beautiful new niece Tiani, my girl for all her love and support, all my sisters and brothers from different mothers, my SMA/SLD/DS Family, and to the pursuit of righteousness and the eternal quest for the glory.

Special thanks go to: The Noongar nation, traditional owners of this land, I will always show respect. Perth hip hop past and present for all the inspiration and support, SBX, TPW, Life Kwest family, DJ L-Street for the long hours and extended turn ups putting this thing together, my bro Xzakt for the undying belief and loyalty, my original LCK brothers Little Lee and Paulie P keeping the funk alive, my east coast coast homies Greeley, Manaz, Doddy, AC, LG for holding me down on the right side, the Oz battle scene for showing a West Coast youngin’ so much love over the years, Day 1 DS/LBC bredrens Aero.D, Iz, Ry, Natas, Pecep, Nige, Deezy, Squeak and that devilish Woody Oakes, DJ Jamu, my boy Lethal, All my 6330 and 6333 peoples you know who you are, big ups to The City Burners for lacing the album with some of that fire only they can bring, RIP Matt W, RIP Scotty H, RIP MC Hunter, here’s to the next step…


released October 1, 2015

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Cortext

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 8, 13 and 16 produced by Cortext
Track 4 produced by Highself
Tracks 5, 7, 11 and 15 produced by The Siinergy
Tracks 9 and 12 produced by Rioretti
Track 10 produced by Sanchobeatz
Track 14 produced by Serious Beats
Track 17 produced by Audioxanax



all rights reserved


Cortext Perth, Australia

Cortext has been putting pen to page for over a decade, developing and honing his unique style and performance. Taking roots in South West WA, he boasts a prolific resume that includes 4 studio albums and countless online releases, and has shared the stage with the likes of Cypress Hill, Immortal Technique and Atmosphere. He brings to the game a message of positive change and a hunger for more ... more

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Track Name: For The Glory (prod. by Cortext)
I feel, so-/Glorious, right now-/
-I hope, you're recording this, right now-/
-I'm looking at the audience like Cyrus in the warriors/
I feel like I was born for this, right now, so turn the lights, down-/
Coz I'm a night, owl, I take the shadow roads/
The depth is my inception and I'm feeling like Dicaprio-/
-The fight for Zion man I'm feeling like I am Neo-/
There's agents on my trail I'm tryina infiltrate the access codes-/
--This beat is on some movie shit-/
I see the future through the lens that Stanley Kubrick did-/
-Coz I was living with my eyes, wide, shut until I/
Opened up the third, word, witness the exuberance-/
-From-the-peak, to-the-pass, from-the-seas, to-the-stars-/
-Through-the-trees, through-the-grass, through-the-screen, through-the-glass-/
In-the-belly-of-the-beast, through-the-bars, you-can-feel-it-like-the-beat, of-your heart/
We-can-go, anywhere, Venus to Mars, freedom at last-//

-This, my story, story, story, story, story/
I ain't do it for the fame, man I did it for the glory, glory, glory, the glory, the glory-/
That's my story, story, story, story, story/
And we built it from the frame, now we building up the stories, stories, stories, look out and feel the glory, the glory, the glory, the glory, look out and feel it-//

Don't this feel like something awesome coming-/
-Feeling like the battle stomping as the orcs are coming-/
-The final lap but I ain't feelin' no exhaustion coming/
Take 'em out they done you need stick 'em with a fork or somethin'-/
-These keys are some amazing shit-/
-This on some Con Air bout to crash the plane in Vegas shit-/
-This on some neon lights, shining lead, flying ducking/
Blue and red, sirens shredding tyres down the nature strip-/
-I’m feeling blessed today, to be alive and in the/
Moment only hope to gain a little more from yesterday-/
I’ve found my place and layed foundations watch me set the stage/
I’m proud to have the family now we repping it on centre stage-/
-This bout to be the greatest thing I ever did-/
-This for my people for my name and for my heritage-/
So when they bury him his memory they’ll cherish it/
They won’t say he was perfect, but he earned it, and he went to get the glory-//
Track Name: Third Eye (prod. by Sanchobeatz)
I ain't gotta say much-/
This rap shit ain't a game we don't play much-/
And we ain't got no time for no haters-/
So you can do it all it don't phase us, coz we raised up-/
Where the birds fly-/
Yeah I can see the world through the birds eye-/
And I can see you down on the curbside-/
Yeah I perceive it all through my third eye, through my third eye-/

Third eye vision - dimethyltriptamine melt like an iceberg dripping-/
-Feel my soul, through the rhythm, feel my heartbeat, like the 808 kickin-/
-Bout to prey on a victim, bout to pray for my victims-/
-I guess fate was against em, and I ain’t, found my ending-.
Yet — so I stay, to the back, to the left-/
-Through the cold, through the wind, through the wet, plotting my return, step out on the ledge-/
Look out on the land, suck in my breath, roar, like a lion coz I run this bitch-/
-Leap in the sky, right off the cliff, but I stay so high coz I got that lift-/
I can’t give you this gift, but the gift of game, follow my moves you could spit the same-/
But you gotta be, ready just to hit that lane, look at that life, through the window, pane-/
Yeah I’m selfish I can’t help it - still I know the fan be the bank yeah, that’s where the wealth is-/
That’s where my heart is, anybody want a part of this it’s nothin’, fuck ‘em//

-Birds eye view, looping the landscape, the third time through-/
-Let my third eye loose, cyclops taking off the visors, true-/
-Rep, for the faction, words in the dark, leak to the captain-/
-Detailed schematics, replay, your actions, give biters tickets, detailed infractions-/
-Chain reaction, y’all just care about the price, of the chain that I’m hangin’/
-Try touch it, check for the chinks, weigh up the metal and the strength of the links-/
The chain don’t make the man, the man make it hang, shit i said it before, probably say it/
Again, there I go right now, I won’t say it again, SMA is the team, SLD is the gang-/
DSC is the roots, never straying from them, that’s the place that we built, that’s my place to defend-/
Always playing to win, never play to pretend, I ain’t starting a war, I don’t play with my men-/
Pause that - play it again, ya hate ‘em then ya love ‘em then ya hate ‘em again-/
Yeah I say it again, first ya hate ‘em then ya love ‘em then you hate ‘em again-//
Track Name: Walk Alone (prod. by Serious Beats)
-Take a look, through the windows of a different seer-/
-Follow my footsteps in the dark you'll see me crystal clear-/
-Coz you can hear it in my voice I keep the vision pure-/
-And feel the heat that's rising up from underneath the sewer-/
-The things I've seen are hard to process in a single verse-/
-I'm all alone inside my head it's like I'm living cursed-/
-That's why I'm greatful that there's something I can give the world/
And tell the truth I'm humbled every day I get my lyrics heard-/
-I went to Freetown saw a beggar wearing battle scars-/
-And he was laying in the gutter looking at the stars-/
-They have to get it you don't get it then you have to starve/
Your country don't look after you it's prison just without the bars-/
-I've seen the long forgotten children that the war, bred-/
-Taken in and spend their first nights, in a warm, bed-/
-There's nothing better than that smile you can' t describe the feeling-/
-When every child deserves a life but still they dying needing-/
-One of the kids I met was shy but said he liked to rap-/
-We started talking he was vibing said he liked my tracks-/
-During the war him and his family were fleeing scared-/
-His fathered died along the way they had to leave him there/
Running through the jungle, hiding from the rebels/
14 he's a survivor man that boy deserve a medal/
But there ain't no recognition all they see is repetition/
Trying to scrape a meal together that's as far as they be thinking/
-When we left they lost, Mary that was hard for me to swallow/
Man that girl was crazy beautiful she could've been a model/
But instead she didn't make it man this shit I can't, take it/
Got me waking up at night in cold sweats, hands shaking/
It's injustice, what happened to the justice-/
It's just, us, coz the government can't trust us-/
-They wanna watch us stop us, shock us and knock us/
Wanna process us as criminal instigators and lock us/
Down - sometimes I feel alone in this-/
-And like the microphone is my confidant and my only audience-/
-But then I think about my fam and all I have in store-/
-And man I'm lucky there ain't soldiers knocking at my door-/
-Me and my girl were in Nairobi that September morn-/
-The same, day that Al Shabab attacked the Westgate mall-/
-I think about how easily we could've been there too-/
-And how I know I couldn't live if something happened to her-/
-The girl that shows me everyday to keep my actions pure-/
-The girl that shows me every way that she could possibly/
Be all I need and more and I don't say that she belongs to me/
Coz man we work together it ain't nothin' that's my heart she keep me/
Pumping, my mum called me today and said she's getting married/
-To the man she's been with over twenty years it had me-/
-But I can't be more happy for her coz I know she happy-/
-That lady gave me everything hope I can give it back see-/
-That's all I'm trying to do, look after my family-/
-Look after my crew, maybe go to the Grammy's-/
-Always speak the way I'm feeling and never be scared-/
-Get my dad a better home and some medical care-/
-Keep my little brother out of trouble-/
-Let my little sister grow up and change the world if she want to-/
-And what we gotta do is educate the young, too-/
Coz they gone have to deal with all the problems that we've run, through-/
-The air is heating up, I hear the storm ahead and/
You gone feel it young blood, you gone have to walk, steady-/
-War ready, speaking til they free you/
Coz we know how the elite can treat the sheeple when they need to-/
-And send my wishes for the children of Gaza/
-And all the victims of religion that passed us-/
-And know that even if there ain't no one to hold your hand-/
Blessed be the ones that walk alone into the promise land-//
Track Name: B.O.M.B. feat. Jeramiah Morgan (prod. by Cortext)
--Back on my bull-shit, ready to roll-/
--Smashing the stu again back in the booth and I'm baring my soul-/
--Back on that new, tip, trained, to go got some/
Flame, to throw and I aim, it low, target the grass where the snakes, a grow I'ma/
Take, it slow, make sure they hearing my statements and learning to listen for spaces as/
Much as the notes in a melody knowing I've carefully scripted where every one of the/
Breaks, should go, soak up the remedy sha-man flow, spiritual guidance from/
Sac-red tomes, hidden inside of a brick that you slide in my base-ment yo better/
Make, it known we ain't playing a role yeah we jacking remotes and we taking control and the/
Beat I'ma take for a stroll to the lake where I'm beating and taking it's soul do ya feel me-/
-Saying y'all want the real, me, but I can only keep it real as I see, that's how we do, thangs-/
-Y'all are cold hot cold hot mood rings bro my crew reigns no lie 2 chainz-/
-You ain't got, ta lie, Craig, no you ain't, got, to, lie-/
-Wanna free your-self, gotta be your-self, put your ego, off, to the, side - step 1/
-Wipe off that screwface, and motherfucker swal-low, that, pride - and step/
Two, check, who, ya step-pin' to, test, the best, you're nuts, ex-tra tes-ticle, riiiight-/
-I never knew that it would be like, this, that I'd be rhyming and my dream might click, that I'd be working/
Late, nights, back-in-the-lab, pen-in-my-hand, head-in-the-pad, getting-the-record off to feed my, fix, but y'all, better know-/
This - read my, lips - better prick, those, ears-/
I ain't birthed, an heir, but Perth, beware, coz daddy be coming to son every one of you kids, this, year-/
-Foster care, gittin 'em up, taking 'em to school, picking 'em up-/
-Putting 'em to bed, git, gittin 'em tucked, put 'em in the ground zip, zipping 'em up, that's my pleasure-/
-What is, competition, you'll be left without a pot to piss in stuck in the kitchen washing my dishes and if ya/
Aiming at the top spot, pit your sickest six-teen, to a scribbling written at my, leisure-/
-I ain't have, two, fucks, to rub, toge-ther, trying to scab, 2, bucks, to buy, some bread, I/
Worked the long shifts, graveyard, slave, hard days, trying to wrap, this, pu-zzle up, toge-ther/
-Got some little steez, got a little team, but the love, is endless/
When you're hot, you're hot, and everybody want to warm their hands, but when the sparks, die, down, no one, remembers I, swear-//

Will they love me when I’m on, will they love me when I’m gone-/
Will they love me when I’m wrong I swear sometimes I don’t know, will they love me?-/
-And be there, will they love me while I’m here-/
They can hate me I don’t care coz I ain’t going nowhere-/

--I promise you, I'ma be, here, long, as ya need, me to-/
--I swear to that, til my heart, beat, flicker, and the world, turn black I/
Swear - I swear - I really ain't, goin' nowhere-/
-Til the roof, comes, off, and the walls, come, with it they gon' find, me, laying right, there right by your/
Side, we ride, this feeling ain't, never gon', die-/
-Never flip, never slip, never slide, never waver for a minute we tight -for life I/
Swear -- You know I will-/
--When I'm gone, and they wrong, play the song, and you can feel me right-/
There -- you know that's real-/
--And they love us now, yeah it's easy to love us, now - but I swear//

--I promise you, we gon' be, here, long, as ya need us, to-/
--I swear to that, til my blood, stop, running and my lungs, collapse, man I/
Swear - I swear - I really ain't, goin' nowhere-/
-Til the bricks come down, and the walls start shaking you gon' find us, standing right here right by your/
Side, we ride, this feeling ain't, never gon', die-/
-Never flip, never slip, never slide, never waver for a minute we right, we tight, for life I/
Swear -- You know I will-/
--When I'm gone, play the song, and be strong, coz you can feel me right-/ There -- you know that's real-/
--And they love us now, yeah it's easy to love us, now - but I swear//